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"RN Patient Advocacy focuses on therapeutic relationships — developing collaboration throughout the extended healing community — in delivering truly patient-centered care... personalized, proactive, and preventative and inclusive of all major medical paradigms."


Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA, PLLC

Founder RN Patient Advocates  


Medical Support for those with Complex Health Issues: 

Medical support for those with complex health issues:  Libellen patient advocates can navigate the health care system with you or on your behalf while you try to rest and heal. We are always in your corner, fighting to get you the best care options possible.  


Services include:

  • Detailed coordination and management with the entire health care team

  • Research of treatment options 

  • In-depth, holistic medical history timeline to gain further understanding of disease presence and progression 

  • Attendance at Doctor appointments 

  • Healthcare education and empowerment 

  • Assistance with obtaining second opinions 

  • Assistance with understanding medical insurance, how it works, and what it covers. Assistance with writing Letters of medical necessity if allowable.

Care Coordination for Adult Children of Aging Parents:

Let Libellen Patient Advocates be the “nurse in the family". We firmly believe that no patient or caregiver should ever feel alone, overwhelmed, or scared.  We empower our clients and caregivers with the tools to become their own health advocates.  


Services include:

  • Medical communication between PCP and specialists

  • Attendance and transportation to all doctor appointments

  • Medication assessment for issues such as polypharmacy and drug interactions

  • Disease management education for informed decision making

  • Medical profile document creation to improve safety and reduce the risk of error 

  • Care coordination and management of skilled services

  • RN Patient advocate availability for in-patient hospitalizations

  • DME (Durable medical equipment) coordination 

  • Assistance in choosing skilled nursing care, home health care, Independent or Assisted living, or Hospice care 


Libellen Patient Advocates will not provide the client, either directly or indirectly, any medical diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments, personal care, psychiatric care, or counseling.

We DO NOT provide Hands-on direct patient care, homecare, legal advice, or involvement with litigation. In addition, we DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medication.  

Private advocacy services are not covered by any insurance at this time.  An RN patent advocate works directly for you or your loved one.  

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