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RN Patient Advocacy


What is an 

RN Patient Advocate?

An RN Patient Advocate is your personal and dependable health care safety net. We advocate on your behalf with your doctors, the hospitals, and all medical personnel working with you; This helps to prevent medical errors. We know the questions to ask and can explain answers to you. 

We provide health and wellness coaching - we teach you and your family about the relationship of your current illness to your whole medical history: illness doesn't happen in a vacuum - a more in-depth understanding can lead to better health overall. We teach you and your family how to be more effective health advocates for yourself. 

What Services

Can We Provide?

  • Medical coordination between PCP and Specialist.

  • Ongoing medication assessment.

  • Getting the most out of your doctor visits. 

  • Coordinate care for skilled nursing facility placement, Assisted Living, Hospice, or Home Health.

  • Collecting detailed medical history to prevent possible errors.

  • Help coordinate care for overwhelmed adult children of senior parents.

  • Guidance and care coordination for a life-changing diagnosis. 

  • Chronic illness education and management. 

Therapy Session
Libellen Patient Advocates metal name tag laying in the bushes. The name tag reads, Jennifer Bierhup, Chief Advocate, RN iRNPA WCC CCM.

Patient Stories

"To me, having an RN Patient Advocate means having a nurse by my side sorting through all the pieces of a very big puzzle and knowing that I will have answers to my body’s issues and will receive the BEST care possible from all the doctors I see. I am thankful for this opportunity and already feel less burdened by the issues I face since hiring her."